Pete Davidson Joins 90 Day Fiance, Document Quest for International Love

Pete Davidson Joins 90 Day Fiance, Document Quest for International Love

Pete Davidson is no stranger to fame, to love, or to TV.

In fact, he recently dipped his toes into the very specific world of love-on-reality-TV when he appeared on The Kardashians.

So perhaps this was inevitable. Perhaps we all should have seen this coming.

The actor, comedian, and status (sex) symbol is returning to reality television to look for love … on 90 Day Fiance.

The 90 Day Fiance franchise is a sprawling, catastrophic success. The show’s popularity may have given Discovery Inc the capital to buy Warner Bros and dismantle it for parts, destroying a century of art on the whims of David Zaslav.

For years, the franchise has enjoyed numerous celebrity viewers. If you watch it, you can find other viewers almost anywhere — at weddings, at jury duty, in line at a packed restaurant.

Of course famous people watch it. And some cast members have become viral memes and household names. But, until now, the actual cast did not include people who were already famous before signing on.

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Comedian Pete Davidson attends the American Museum of Natural History’s 2018 Museum Gala on November 15, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Angela Weiss / AFP) (Photo credit should read ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images)

Pete Davidson has spent the past few years as something of a status symbol. He’s a comedian, an actor, and a hottie. Rumor has it that he is packing one serious dong.

But a running joke has been “X is now dating Pete Davidson” about almost anyone or anything, from a newly divorced actress to an intangible concept.

He has dated Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, Emily Ratajkowski, Kaia Gerber, and other women. The age ranges vary, but they are all famous and among the most gorgeous women on the planet.

Before he rose to fame on SNL, Pete dated fellow comic Carly Aquilino. Insiders say the two have remained friends. (Instagram)

According to 90 Day Fiance insiders, Pete Davidson is currently filming for an upcoming season of the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

We do not know which spinoff, though some suspect that it could be the original 90 Day Fiance. Others suspect that a more reasonable assumption would be 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.

Meanwhile, there are rumors of a celebrity edition of 90 Day Fiance … but we feel like that’s probably just a rumor. Pete is adventurous, but how would they fill out the cast each year? A celebrity spinoff of Pillow Talk would make more sense, but it’s unlikely that Discovery Plus would fork over enough cash for the commentary-based spinoff.

Pete Peaces Out
Pete Davidson peaces out at the Met Gala. (Photo via Getty)

For that reason, we suspect that Pete is not in it for the money.

Generally, new stars to the franchise can expect to, at most, make a couple thousand dollars per episode.

Despite the tremendous ratings that this reality series rakes in, and despite the fortunes that other reality shows pay to stars, a 90 Day Fiance star will usually only make enough on a season to perhaps buy a car. There are exceptions, but those are usually longtime cast members.

Pete likely doesn’t need the money and he certainly doesn’t need the exposure, so perhaps he is doing this for an almost unthinkable reason:

His actual quest for love. No agenda, no desire to become an influencer or launch a modeling career. Just sharing his love story with the world, in a new way.

We do not know who the lucky lady is. And we do not even know her country of origin. There are nearly 200 possibilities, even if there are a dozen or so prime suspects.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian Together
Insiders say Kim and Pete parted ways on good terms and plan to remain friends. And it probably won’t be very long before Pete moves on with a new A-list companion! (Photo via Instagram)

We do know one additional piece of info about this 90 Davidson Fiance situation.

We made it up entirely. It’s pretend.

Happy April Fools day!!

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Kylie Jenner Cuddles & Kisses Baby Aire, 1, In Sweet New Video

Kylie Jenner Cuddles & Kisses Baby Aire, 1, In Sweet New Video

kylie kisses air video

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Image Credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Cuteness overload alert! The Kardashians star Kylie Jenner, 25, had a couple of adorable guest stars in her recent TikTok video on Friday, as she was promoting her two new Kylie Cosmetics products. While Kylie was about to apply her new liquid eyeshadow, her daughter, Stormi, 5, came running in to give her mom a hug just moments before her baby brotherAire, 1, popped into the frame to also get some attention from Kylie. The brunette beauty captioned the video with a simple white heart emoji, which has already gained nearly two million plays at this time.

When Kylie’s daughter arrived she immediately screamed for her “mommy” right before she presented the former billionaire with a little note. “Look who just got here!”, the 25-year-old gushed. “Come give me a big hug.” After Kylie told her little one that she loves her, Stormi shouted “mommy” once more. Later on, Kylie’s son, who she also shares with her ex, Travis Scott, 31, appeared in the clip while she talked about her new mascara. “There’s baby noises in the background,” she explained to her viewers. “Sorry, this is why I don’t get on TikTok much.”

Many of the Kylie Cosmetics founder‘s fans took to the comments section of a fan re-post to gush over the starlet’s two children. “I legit be forgetting that Kylie had a son! She be low key now a days! Beautiful kids,” one admirer quipped, while another added, “he has stormi’s eyes.” Kylie and the rapper welcomed Aire in Feb. 2022, about four years after Stormi was born. “No denying that they make some beautiful children,” a third fan noted, just before a fourth added, “He is so cute just like his sister and gorgeous Mom.”

kylie kisses aire video
Kylie Jenner shares her two kids, Aire & Stormi, with her ex, Travis Scott. (Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency)

Earlier in the video, Kris Jenner‘s daughter noted that she recently “deleted” her social media apps to take a brief detox. “I do miss you guys,” Kylie said at the start of the Get Ready With Me clip. “So every month or every two months I will just like delete my social media and reset. I’m still a human being having a human experience and at times it can be a lot.” And just before the fashionista went on to do her makeup, she explained that she is launching a liquid eyeshadow and mascara on April 6.

Prior to the momma bear’s sweet video on Friday, Kylie took to TikTok on Mar. 28, to show off her sweaty gym routine. “my morningggg [sic],” she captioned the sexy video. For her gym ensemble, Kylie opted for a pair of sleek leggings and an off-shoulder sports bra. She tied the look together with a black puffer jacket and made sure she had her sparkly pink water bottle in-hand for the morning fitness session.

Aside from her recent social media posts, the youngest KarJenner sister recently graced the cover of Vanity Fair Italia on Feb. 22. During the interview, she not only revealed that Kim Kardashian, 42, is her favorite sister, but she also opened up about motherhood and more. Kylie and Travis reportedly split in Dec. 2022, after being off-and-on since 2017.

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Madonna Licks Her Guitar While Rocking Fishnets In Sexy New Video: Watch

Madonna Licks Her Guitar While Rocking Fishnets In Sexy New Video: Watch


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Image Credit: Greg Allen/Shutterstock

Yummy. Pop legend Madonna licked a magnificent guitar in a sultry new video posted to Instagram on Friday. In the March 31 clip, the “Vogue” singer, 64, crouched on the ground as she caressed the strings of a black guitar, turning to lick it at one point, and then cradling the handle lovingly on her shoulder. She rocked fishnets with a lime green shirt, and wore her red hair parted down the middle in long waves. The controversial star accessorized with statement sunglasses, an oversized black puffer jacket, and a pair of fingerless gloves for the provocative clip. “Is it possible to Fall in Love with your Guitar?” she captioned the clip alongside emojis of a guitar and a heart. She completed the post with the hashtag #celebrationtour.

Her nearly 20 million followers were there for the sexy moment, and took to the comments thread to gush. “It’s possible to fall in love with more tour dates too,” quipped a fan, while another wrote, “Madonna is really a legend who can do it all and that’s why we love you.” “Here I am, envying a guitar on a Friday,” remarked a third.

The singer recently announced she’d be adding eight more dates to her Celebration tour, all in US cities. In a March 27 IG post, she shared a pic of herself playing the same guitar. “Excited to announce we are adding 8 more cities In the US for The Celebration Tour!” she captioned the pic. “Especially Happy to come to Nashville to celebrate Drag and the Trans community!!”

Greg Allen/Shutterstock

The mom of six has never backed down from sharing provocative media, and in recent months has ramped her efforts up. She licked water out of a dog bowl and posed topless with a Balenciaga bag in November, has twerked on camera numerous times, and has shown off a seemingly endless collection of sexy bustiers. And it’s all part of her personae– something she will never back down on.

She believes everyone has the right to feel sexy,” an insider close to the star told told HollywoodLife EXLCUSIVELY in December of 2021. “Age does not define beauty and she’s proud of what she looks like and how she feels.”

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Says Gym Attack Was 'Cowardly'

Tekashi 6ix9ine Says Gym Attack Was 'Cowardly'

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Sister Wives’ Star Janelle Brown Does Pilates & Shows Her Progress In ‘Authentic’ Photo

Sister Wives’ Star Janelle Brown Does Pilates & Shows Her Progress In ‘Authentic’ Photo

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Image Credit: Justin Stephens/TLC

Janelle Brown is moving forward in every way! Several months after her split from Kody Brown, the Sister Wives mama, 49, took to Instagram to show off her “authentic” self as she works towards fitness goals. In the March 30 photo post, she rocked black leggings and a gray long sleeved top as she stretched out on a Pilates machine. She wore her blonde hair in a laid-back ponytail and accessorized with a smart watch, finishing the workout look with a dark red pedicure.

“Posting this unfiltered photo of me from Pilates today was a scary proposition,” the mom of six admitted in the caption. “I have worked for years on my physical strength and stamina and only now am I consciously working on my core and flexibility.”

She then went on to address the “brutal” nature of social media. “I am less than perfect and let’s be honest with each other, social media can be pretty brutal,” she continued. “Usually there is a lot of judgement and umm… ‘helpful tips’. But there is power in being authentic. In showing the small steps towards crafting your own life – even if progress isn’t always obvious or perfect.”

Many of Janelle’s 1 million followers on the platform took to the comments section to commend the reality star. “Working hard to improve ourselves should always be applauded no matter what stage of the journey we’re in. well done,” wrote a fan, while another quipped, “You are my Shero! You inspire me to take care of myself.”

Janelle Brown
Justin Stephens/TLC

“Pilates is the best,” remarked a third. “I started in my late 70s and have done them for years. At 87 I know my mobility that I have would not have been without them. Good for you and keep it up, you’ll never regret it!” Janelle herself reacted to the comment. “Wow! What an amazing thing! Thank you for sharing that. 87! You are my role model!” she wrote.

Janelle and Kody nixed their nearly three decade long “spiritual” marriage last year, with a December clip from the show confirming what many had already grown to suspect. “Kody and I have separated,” she said in the clip. A source told In Touch at the time that she simply “outgrew him.”

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Farrah Abraham Threatens Reality TV Comeback 6 Years After MTV Firing

Farrah Abraham Threatens Reality TV Comeback 6 Years After MTV Firing

Hell world. Hell world. Doom is upon us all.

Farrah Abraham enjoyed a lengthy and lucrative reality TV career that began on 16 And Pregnant.

In recent years, her atrocious behavior has coincided with a major decline in on-screen appearances.

It is with very heavy hearts that we must now report that this may be about to change.

Farrah Abraham is always happy to share photos of her favorite person. Care to guess who that might be? (Image Credit: Instagram)

After years of terror, Farrah Abraham’s time on Teen Mom came to an end — mostly — more than half a decade ago.

Ostensibly, a keystone of her MTV firing was Farrah’s online sex work constituting some sort of breach of contract. That sounds … selective. The truth seems to have had more to do with her treatment of producers, especially behind the scenes.

Since that time, she has grown more erratic on social media, faced multiple arrests, and become increasingly orange. Has any of that made her an easier castmate to have, or any kinder to producers? Hmmm …

On her Instagram Story, Farrah Abraham shared this behind-the-scenes glimpse at her apparent return to television. Ominous and chilling. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Farrah took to her Instagram Story this week, sharing a look through the director’s monitor. A look at video of Farrah herself.

We do not know what the project might be. But either this is a very elaborate fake (always possible, albeit unlikely), or this is a filming set.

Clearly, a crew member is holding this in place for her while Farrah snapped the pic … of herself, on the monitors.

“BTS,” Farrah Abraham posted to her Instagram Story, showing her getting hair and makeup done … apparently for an on-screen role. Anyone else get a sense of foreboding? (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Additionally, Farrah shared a look at herself in a makeup chair, getting hair and makeup work.

She added a “BTS” tag — or it was there already. Notably, she’s not talking about a Kpop group, but referring to this being a behind-the-scenes glimpse.

Again, we do not know the project. Except that it was clearly in New York, as that’s where she spent time that day.

Farrah Abraham took to TikTok to share some garbled news with her fans and followers. (Image Credit: TikTok)

Here’s the thing: we have no idea what nightmare Farrah is gearing up to unleash upon us all.

It is possible that she participated in some sort of interview. Plenty of people visit sets simply to give interviews.

But there are many types of interviews. One would be tuning in to a talk show for one episode. Others are … grim alternatives.

Farrah Abraham’s latest selfie is getting a lot of attention. Unfortunately for Farrah, it’s not receiving many compliments. (Photo via Instagram)

Simply put, Farrah appears to be suggesting that she is making an actual return to reality TV.

Even if she is only appearing on one season of a show, like as a one-off contestant or as a guest star, that’s a big deal.

It’s a big deal for her, because it’s part of her career. And it’s a big deal for viewers, because she is the stuff of nightmares.

Farrah Abraham looks quite different in her recent Instagram uploads. (Photo via TikTok)

We have actually been sort of “soft” on Farrah in recent reporting. It’s not because we had a change of heart, but it’s because Farrah’s latest antics have (mostly) been positive.

Farrah very correctly defended Sophia’s recent makeover. She is allowing her 14-year-old daughter to express herself in ways that do not harm anyone (including her).

She’s absolutely right to recognize Sophia’s autonomy (within a safe, age-appropriate context). Hair dye and piercings are normal styles of human expression, and have been for millennia.

14-year-old Sophia Abraham shows off her royal purple streaks and her overall aesthetic on a pink pedestal. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

That does not mean that Farrah is a good person. She isn’t. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Farrah is a good parent. The evidence doesn’t support that, either.

It just means that, when it comes to this specific topic, Farrah is totally hitting it out of the park.

We sadly suspect that whatever project she’s working on now will not show Farrah in such a positive light.

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