Everything We Know About The Jedi Killer

Everything We Know About The Jedi Killer

The Star Wars universe is filled with iconic characters, locations, and weapons. From the lightsaber to the Millennium Falcon, fans have fallen in love with the many elements that make up this beloved franchise. However, there is one weapon that has been shrouded in mystery and intrigue: the Jedi Killer. In this article, we will explore what the Jedi Killer is and how it fits into the Star Wars universe.

Everything We Know About The Jedi Killer

What is the Jedi Killer?

The Jedi Killer is a term that was first introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary. It refers to a weapon that was developed by the First Order to target Jedi specifically. The weapon is capable of killing Jedi by exploiting their connection to the Force.

The Jedi Killer is essentially a Force dampener that disrupts a Jedi’s ability to sense the Force. This leaves them vulnerable and defenceless against the First Order’s attacks. The weapon was designed to counter the power of the Jedi and make them easier to defeat.

The exact workings of the Jedi Killer are unknown, but it is believed to use some form of advanced technology that is capable of blocking or disrupting the flow of the Force. The weapon is also thought to be portable, allowing it to be used in the field against Jedi targets.

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The Jedi Killer in Star Wars Canon

While the Jedi Killer was first introduced in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary, it has also appeared in other Star Wars media. In the novelization of The Force Awakens, it is revealed that Kylo Ren, one of the main villains of the sequel trilogy, was involved in the development of the Jedi Killer.

In the comic book series Star Wars: Age of Resistance, readers are introduced to Commander Malarus, who wields a weapon that is specifically designed to target Jedi. While it is not explicitly referred to as the Jedi Killer, it is heavily implied to be a similar type of weapon.

The Jedi Killer has also been referenced in other Star Wars media, such as the mobile game Star Wars: Uprising and the novel Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Cobalt Squadron. While its exact capabilities and workings are still largely unknown, the Jedi Killer has become a key part of the Star Wars canon.

The Significance of the Jedi Killer

The Jedi Killer is significant in the Star Wars universe because it represents a direct threat to the Jedi, who have always been among the most powerful and influential characters in the franchise. The weapon also highlights the First Order’s desire to eliminate the Jedi and their connection to the Force.

In the context of the sequel trilogy, the Jedi Killer represents the First Order’s attempt to destroy the legacy of the Jedi and prevent them from ever returning to prominence. By targeting and killing the Jedi, the First Order hoped to cement their dominance and ensure that the Jedi would never pose a threat to their rule.

The Jedi Killer also highlights the importance of the Force in the Star Wars universe. The Force is the power that binds all living things and is wielded by the Jedi and Sith. The Jedi Killer is designed to disrupt this power and prevent Jedi from accessing it. This demonstrates the First Order’s understanding of the power of the Force and its willingness to use technology to exploit it.

Everything We Know About The Jedi Killer


The Jedi Killer is a weapon that was developed by the First Order to target and kill Jedi by exploiting their connection to the Force. While its exact workings are largely unknown, it is believed to be a portable Force dampener that disrupts a Jedi’s ability to sense and use the Force. The Jedi Killer has appeared in various Star Wars media and represents a significant threat to the Jedi and the power of the Force. Its significance lies in its ability to disrupt the balance of power in the Star Wars universe and prevent the return of the Jedi to prominence.

As the Star Wars universe continues to expand, it will be interesting to see if the Jedi Killer makes more appearances in future media. The weapon has the potential to play a major role in the ongoing battle between the First Order and the Resistance and could even be used as a plot device in future Star Wars stories.

Overall, the Jedi Killer is a fascinating and mysterious weapon that adds another layer of depth to the Star Wars universe. Its significance lies not only in its ability to target and kill Jedi but also in its representation of the ongoing struggle between the light and dark sides of the Force. As fans continue to explore and discover new aspects of the Star Wars universe, the Jedi Killer is sure to remain a topic of discussion and speculation for years to come.

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Sunak’s Successes Can’t Blot Out Tory Track Record in Office

Sunak’s Successes Can’t Blot Out Tory Track Record in Office

For all the British prime minister’s recent success, the division and failed policies of his Conservative Party weigh on his prospects at the ballot box.

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(Bloomberg) —

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Rishi Sunak’s recent run of success isn’t enough to turn around the electoral prospects of his ruling Conservative Party, his own aides fret.

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The UK Prime Minister sees his performance in recent weeks as a taste of what he can achieve: the calm and capable delivery of policies from Brexit, the budget and immigration, to the Aukus defense pact, tackling anti-social behavior and nurturing energy security.

But however competent Sunak might appear, he’s saddled with a major disadvantage at the ballot box: The Tories’ record in government since 2010, presiding over unpopular austerity measures, a divisive national referendum and a failure to get a grip on issues that matter to ordinary Britons such as crime and health care. 

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With local elections due in May and a national vote expected next year, it’s a view shared both by members of the main opposition Labour Party, and — surprisingly — allies  of Sunak. 

One person close to the prime minister said Sunak can perform as well as he likes, but still has to carry around the leaden weight of his party. Another said recent policy triumphs only served to put the Tories on track for a “good” defeat rather than a cataclysmic Labour landslide.

Recent polling bears that out. A YouGov survey this week gave Labour a 20-point lead over the Tories. While that’s markedly down from the record 37-point margin they enjoyed in the dying days of Liz Truss’s short-lasting government in October, it still points to a sizable Tory defeat at the next general election.

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Anti-Conservative sentiment is so strong that the party has a ceiling of around 30% of public support, according to one Labour strategist, who requested anonymity discussing opposition research. Recent focus groups show that while Sunak policies on issues like the small boats crisis might be popular, the overall vibe is people are just fed up of the Tories.

Labour thinks it has a killer response to Sunak’s strategy of putting his personal performance front and center: that his ruling Conservative Party has had 13 years to fix these problems, and the premier can’t just wash his hands of their record in office.

It’s an attack the opposition is wielding with a monotonous regularity that’s likely to persist.

“What they’ve delivered to our country after 13 years in power is nowhere near good enough,” Labour leader Keir Starmer said Wednesday as he launched his party’s local election campaign.

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Sunak’s crime push was “too little, too late” because “in 13 years the Tories have decimated neighborhood policing,” Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said Monday. Deputy leader Angela Rayner responded to the government’s energy plan on Thursday with a four-word tweet referencing their time in office.

Ramming home the message, Labour spin doctors sent journalists 11 press releases in the last seven days containing the words “13 years.”

There is historical precedent for the idea the ruling party is at the end of its cycle, said Rob Ford, professor of political science at the University of Manchester. 

“Labour ran on ‘13 wasted years’ in 1964,” he told Bloomberg, while the “Tories ousted New Labour after 13 years in 2010, and Labour had hoped 13 years would be it in 1992 only for John Major to spoil the fun.”

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The Major victory gives Labour cause for caution. Some Labour MPs and officials are becoming nervous that should March’s narrative of relatively successful government announcements be repeated over the next year, the general election could be closer than currently seems likely.

One Labour MP said Starmer’s strategy has been to emulate Joe Biden’s US presidential campaign against Donald Trump in 2020, essentially telling voters: I might be boring, but at least I’m not the other guy. 

But while that might work against an opponent like Boris Johnson or Liz Truss, the MP argued, against Sunak the divide is less clear-cut. Both he and Starmer have the air of details-orientated technocrats.

A Labour official predicted that if the polls narrow or May’s local elections don’t deliver a crushing defeat for the Tories, Starmer will face pressure to offer a much more ambitious pitch. 

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Another said the Tories have been good at presenting each new leader as a fresh start, and Labour aims to tie Sunak to Johnson and Truss’s records. A third said Starmer would have to show he has more of a killer instinct.

Despite Sunak bringing a degree of calm back to government, there was some cabinet frustration this week over announcements on crime and energy that veered from the premier’s instruction to keep a laser-like focus on five key pledges on the economy, immigration and the National Health Service. One minister described a ban on nitrous oxide as small fry when rapists and heroin-dealers in their constituency were going unpunished. 

To launch the policy, Sunak held a question-and-answer session with voters about anti-social behavior. Several told him the police are failing to investigate serious crimes on the Tories’ watch. A government aide said the bruising encounter captured Sunak’s problem: he correctly identifies issues voters are upset about, but the reason they are upset is that successive Conservative governments have performed poorly.

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There are other problems coming down the track. A report into bullying allegations against Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab is likely to arrive after Easter, people familiar said. Some in government expect he will have to resign, throwing Sunak’s administration into more political drama potentially just before the local elections.

Tory strategists insist they don’t expect the polls to start narrowing until the end of the year, by when inflation is predicted to have fallen and Sunak’s five key pledges will have had a chance to resonate with voters.

That plan relies on nothing whatsoever going wrong, a tall order given the recent history of Tory politics.

—With assistance from Ellen Milligan, Emily Ashton and Leonora Campbell.


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Germany's military gaps cannot be fully bridged by 2030, defence minister

Germany's military gaps cannot be fully bridged by 2030, defence minister

© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Defence Minister Boris Pistorius attend the weekly Cabinet meeting at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany March 22, 2023. REUTERS/Michele Tantussi/

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s military cannot completely fill its existing gaps by 2030, Defence Minister Boris Pistorius was quoted as saying, as Berlin seeks to revamp its armed forces after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine following decades of neglect.

“We all know that the existing gaps cannot be completely closed by 2030… It will take years. Everyone is aware of that,” Pistorius said in an interview with Welt am Sonntag newspaper published on Saturday.

Already worn down by decades of underinvestment since the end of the Cold War, the Bundeswehr is in even worse shape than a year ago given weapons and munitions donated to Ukraine have mostly not yet been replaced, say experts.

Pistorius rejected further arms deliveries to Ukraine from the Bundeswehr stocks beyond the announced commitments.

“To put it bluntly, like other nations, we have a limited inventory. As federal defence minister, I cannot give everything away,” he said.

The minister, who was appointed earlier this year, said increasing the defence budget to reach the NATO spending target of 2% of national output, from currently around 1.5%, was his highest priority.

“If that is then set in motion at the end of the (legislative) period, then I would be satisfied,” he added.

Germany is also planning a naval mission in the Indo-Pacific region next year and is intensifying its partnerships with key countries in the region, such as Japan, Australia, India, Indonesia, South Korea and Singapore, he said, saying Europe’s freedom of movement in seas there was “too challenged”.

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How to Fix Twitter Bookmarks Not Working

How to Fix Twitter Bookmarks Not Working

Twitter is a powerful social media platform that allows you to follow your favourite celebrities, influencers, and news sources. One of the useful features of Twitter is the bookmark feature. This feature allows you to save tweets that you want to read later or keep for future reference. However, sometimes Twitter bookmarks may stop working, leaving you frustrated and wondering how to fix the problem. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why Twitter bookmarks may stop working and provide some solutions to fix the issue.

How to Fix Twitter Bookmarks Not Working

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms today, with millions of active users. The platform offers a range of features to help users engage with their followers and stay updated with the latest trends. One of these features is Twitter Bookmarks, which allows users to save tweets for later viewing. However, some users have reported issues with this feature, as it does not seem to be working properly.

What are Twitter Bookmarks?

Twitter Bookmarks is a feature that allows users to save tweets they want to revisit later. This feature was introduced in early 2018 and has since become a popular way for users to save and organize their favourite tweets. To use Twitter Bookmarks, users simply click on the “share” icon on a tweet and select “Add Tweet to Bookmarks.” This saves the tweet to a separate section of the user’s profile, where they can easily access it later.

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Causes of Twitter Bookmarks not working

Despite its popularity, some users have reported issues with Twitter Bookmarks not working. Here are some of the common causes of this problem:

  1. Outdated App Version: One of the primary reasons why Twitter Bookmarks may not be working is that users may have an outdated version of the app. Twitter regularly updates its app to fix bugs and introduce new features. If users have an outdated version of the app, it may not be compatible with the latest version of Twitter Bookmarks, leading to issues.
  2. Connectivity Issues: Another reason why Twitter Bookmarks may not be working is that users may have connectivity issues. Twitter is an online platform, and users need an internet connection to access it. If users have poor internet connectivity, they may not be able to access Twitter Bookmarks.
  3. Cache and Cookies: Sometimes, cache and cookies can cause issues with Twitter Bookmarks. Cache and cookies are temporary data files that are stored on a user’s device to help websites load faster. If these files become corrupted or outdated, they can cause issues with Twitter Bookmarks.
  4. Account Issues: Finally, Twitter Bookmarks may not be working if there are issues with the user’s account. This may include issues with the user’s login credentials or account settings. In some cases, users may have been banned or suspended from the platform, which can prevent them from accessing Twitter Bookmarks.

How to fix Twitter Bookmarks not working

How to Fix Twitter Bookmarks Not Working

  1. Clear your browser cache and cookies

Sometimes, the reason why Twitter bookmarks are not working is because of a glitch in your browser cache or cookies. Your browser cache and cookies store temporary data that helps web pages load faster, but sometimes this data can become corrupted or outdated, leading to issues like broken bookmarks.

To fix this, you can try clearing your browser cache and cookies. To do this, go to your browser’s settings or options menu, and look for the section on clearing browsing data. Select the options to clear your cache and cookies, and then restart your browser. This should refresh your browser and fix any issues with Twitter bookmarks.

  1. Check for updates to your browser and Twitter app

Another reason why Twitter bookmarks may not be working is because of outdated software. Your browser or the Twitter app may not be updated to the latest version, which can cause compatibility issues with new features like bookmarks.

To fix this, check for updates to your browser and the Twitter app. Most browsers and apps have an automatic update feature, but you can also check for updates manually. If there are updates available, download and install them, and then restart your browser or app.

  1. Disable browser extensions and add-ons

Browser extensions and add-ons can enhance your browsing experience, but they can also cause conflicts with other features on web pages, including Twitter bookmarks. Some extensions may interfere with Twitter’s scripts, preventing the bookmark feature from working properly.

To fix this, try disabling your browser extensions and add-ons one by one, and then check if Twitter bookmarks are working. If disabling an extension fixes the problem, you may want to remove it permanently or look for an alternative extension that doesn’t interfere with Twitter.

  1. Log out and log back into Twitter

Sometimes, logging out and logging back into Twitter can help fix issues with the bookmark feature. This is because logging out will clear any temporary data stored on your account and refresh the Twitter app or website.

To do this, click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the Twitter website or app, and then click on “Log out”. Wait a few seconds, and then log back in using your Twitter credentials. Once you’ve logged in, try accessing your bookmarks again to see if the issue has been resolved.

  1. Contact Twitter support

If none of the above solutions fixes the problem, it may be time to contact Twitter support. Twitter has a help centre where you can search for answers to common problems, but you can also submit a support request if you can’t find a solution.

To submit a support request, go to the Twitter help centre and click on the “Contact us” button. You’ll be asked to describe the problem you’re experiencing and provide any relevant details, such as screenshots or error messages. Twitter support will review your request and get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.


Twitter bookmarks are a useful feature that allows you to save tweets for future reference. However, if bookmarks are not working, it can be frustrating. By following the tips outlined in this article, you should be able to fix any issues with Twitter bookmarks and get back to enjoying the platform. Remember to clear your browser cache and cookies, check for updates, disable extensions, log out and log back in, and contact Twitter support if necessary.

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Sen. John Fetterman leaves hospital with depression 'in remission' after having fallen into a 'downward spiral'

Sen. John Fetterman leaves hospital with depression 'in remission' after having fallen into a 'downward spiral'

Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman has left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after six weeks of inpatient treatment for clinical depression, with plans to return to the Senate when the chamber resumes session in mid-April, his office said Friday.

In a statement, Fetterman’s office said he is back home in Braddock, in western Pennsylvania, with his depression “in remission,” and gave details on his treatment — including that his depression was treated with medication and that he is wearing hearing aids for hearing loss.

It was the latest medical episode for Fetterman, who won last fall’s most expensive Senate contest after suffering a stroke that he has said nearly killed him and from which he continues to recover.

Fetterman, who has a wife and three school-age children, said he is happy to be home.

“I’m excited to be the father and husband I want to be, and the senator Pennsylvania deserves. Pennsylvanians have always had my back, and I will always have theirs,” said Fetterman said. “I am extremely grateful to the incredible team at Walter Reed. The care they provided changed my life.”

Fetterman will return to the Senate the week of April 17.

Doctors describe “remission” as when a patient responds to treatment so that they have returned to normal social function and they are indistinguishable from someone who has never had depression.

In an interview that will air on “CBS Sunday Morning,” Fetterman said the symptoms gathered strength after he won the November election.

“The whole thing about depression,” he said, “is that objectively you may have won, but depression can absolutely convince you that you actually lost and that’s exactly what happened and that was the start of a downward spiral.”

He said he “had stopped leaving my bed, I’d stopped eating, I was dropping weight, I’d stopped engaging in some of the most — things that I love in my life.”

Fetterman checked into Walter Reed on Feb. 15 after weeks of what aides described as Fetterman being withdrawn and uninterested in eating, discussing work or the usual banter with staff.

At the time, Fetterman, 53, was barely a month into his service in Washington and still recovering from the aftereffects of the stroke he suffered last May when he went to Walter Reed on the advice of the Capitol physician, Dr. Brian P. Monahan.

Post-stroke depression is common and treatable through medical and talk therapy, doctors say.

Fetterman’s return will be welcome news for Democrats who have struggled to find votes for some nominations, in particular, without him in the Senate.

Fetterman’s office also released details of his treatment under medical professionals led by Dr. David Williamson, a neuropsychiatrist.

When he was admitted, Fetterman had “severe symptoms of depression with low energy and motivation, minimal speech, poor sleep, slowed thinking, slowed movement, feelings of guilt and worthlessness, but no suicidal ideation,” the statement attributed to Williamson said.

The symptoms had steadily worsened over the preceding eight weeks and Fetterman had stopped eating and drinking fluids. That caused low blood pressure, the statement said.

“His depression, now resolved, may have been a barrier to engagement,” it said.

Fetterman had the stroke last May as he was campaigning in a three-way Democratic primary race. He had surgery to implant a pacemaker with a defibrillator to manage two heart conditions, atrial fibrillation and cardiomyopathy.

One of Fetterman’s main aftereffects from the stroke is auditory processing disorder, which can render someone unable to speak fluidly and quickly process spoken conversation into meaning. Fetterman uses devices in conversations, meetings and congressional hearings that transcribe spoken words in real time.

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Meghan Markle wins defamation lawsuit filed by her half-sister

Meghan Markle wins defamation lawsuit filed by her half-sister

Meghan Markle has beaten a defamation lawsuit filed against her by half-sister Samantha Markle after a judge on Friday dismissed the case.

The lawsuit, filed in Tampa, Florida, in March 2022, alleged the Duchess of Sussex made “demonstrably false and malicious statements” about her sister in a 2021 CBS interview with Oprah Winfrey. It also claimed Meghan spread defamatory statements about Samantha to the authors of a New York Times best-selling book about Meghan, “Finding Freedom,” which contained a chapter titled “A Problem Like Samantha.”

U.S. District Judge Charlene Edwards Honeywell, however, ruled in favor of the former “Suits” actress. Regarding the Oprah interview, the judge wrote that the duchess’ statements could not be proved false. 

“As a reasonable listener would understand it, [Meghan Markle] merely expresses an opinion about her childhood and her relationship with her half-siblings,” Honeywell wrote in the order. “Thus, the Court finds that Defendant’s statement is not objectively verifiable or subject to empirical proof. Plaintiff cannot plausibly disprove Defendant’s opinion of her own childhood.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, were in New York City to accept the Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope Award on Dec. 6, 2022.

AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey

The judge also dismissed claims made over the best-seller, finding that the duchess could not be held liable for a book she did not publish.

Samantha, who has the same biological father as Meghan, had claimed in her lawsuit that the former actress lied about being “an only child” and minimized the extent of her relationship with her half-sister. 

“The defamatory implication is that [Samantha] had no relationship whatsoever with her sister Meghan,” the lawsuit reads. 

However, Meghan’s attorney defended her client’s comments as subjective accounts of her upbringing. 

Samantha’s lawyers have two weeks from the date of the court’s decision to submit an amended complaint, court documents show. 

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