Couple Discovers Abandoned Pit Bull In The Basement Of Their New Home

Couple Discovers Abandoned Pit Bull In The Basement Of Their New Home

There’s a lot to tackle when you buy a new home. And sometimes, the previous owners leave a few things for you to find. They can leave anything from garbage to hidden gems. 

But when one St. Louis couple was in the process of moving into their new home, they were shocked to open the basement door and see that a sweet Pit Bull had been chained up and left behind.


It certainly isn’t uncommon to find that the previous owners of your new property have left some things behind, but it’s usually not a living, breathing being!

A pair of new homeowners were shocked to find a female Pit Bull had been left all alone in their cold, dark basement. They called the Stray Rescue of St. Louis almost immediately after she was discovered.

Once rescuers arrived, they slowly and cautiously climbed down the basement stairs since they didn’t know how she would react. Of course they came prepared with treats in hand, just in case she would need convincing to come upstairs. But as soon as she set eyes on her rescuers, her tail wagged like crazy and she started stretching as far as she could reach so she could cover them in kisses. 

The poor pup had been tied to the steps. Once she was finally freed, they went down into the basement to investigate where she had been living for an unknown amount of time. Not only was the basement floor absolutely filthy, but it was littered with garbage and pile after pile of discarded debris. It was absolutely disgusting down there, and there wasn’t any evidence of food or water having been left behind for this precious baby girl.

Jumping Bean

As soon as she was able, the gorgeous girl started literally jumping for joy and began begging to say hello to everyone she saw. She was super sweet and wanted all the pets she could get. Naturally, this led her rescuers to name her “Jumping Bean,” and she was absolutely ecstatic for her entire freedom ride away from where she was abandoned.

Three months later, this sweet baby girl found the family of her dreams. And while it did take her a moment to settle in, she’s so happy to finally spend her days being smothered with love, just like she so rightfully deserves.

Check out the video of Jumping Bean’s beautiful rescue story below. 

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Abandoned, Heartbroken Collie Waits Every Day For Her Family To Return

Abandoned, Heartbroken Collie Waits Every Day For Her Family To Return

Dogs are some of the most forgiving creatures in existence. Even if their humans hurt them, they still offer love and affection. They always assume the best when it comes to their loved ones, even if those humans don’t deserve it.

A Collie mix in Pennsylvania is one of many dogs who wasn’t properly loved by her humans. Her family abandoned her at a park during frigid temperatures, but the Collie refused to admit that it was over. She kept waiting at that park every day for them to return, and she didn’t want help from any other humans.

Collie at the park

Rescuers Were Determined to Save the Dog

When Janine Guido from Speranza Animal Rescue heard about the dog in the park, she went to pick her up. However, whenever she got close to the dog, the pup would bolt. Eventually, Guido was able to get the dog to take food from her hands, but the canine still refused to be leashed. The dog kept moving to different spots, but she always stayed near the park in hopes that her family would return.

People kept reporting sightings of the dog to the rescue, but there was a stretch for two days where no one saw the pup. Then, someone alerted Guido that they found the skittish dog sleeping under their back porch. The dog kept getting spooked again, but Guido eventually leashed her and brought her into her car. She named the beautiful dog Carla.

Stray Collie rescued

“We got her! I’m so excited,” Guido said in a live video. “Your new life has begun. You’re safe now, and we love you.”

The rescue already had a foster home lined up for Carla. So, the lucky pup would get to experience the warmth of a cozy home for the first time in a while.

Abandoned Collie rescued

Carla Embraces Her New Life

Carla was hesitant in her foster home at first because she still longed for her family to return. Despite looking so youthful, the vet estimated that Carla was about ten years old. She didn’t have a microchip, and she was 15 to 20 pounds underweight. No one in the area recognized her, so it’s unclear who dumped her.

“She’s so sweet, just so scared,” Guido said. “But once she was in my car it was like she knew she was safe.”

Rescued dog on a hike

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Carla’s foster mom spoiled her as much as possible. The Collie mix enjoyed savory snacks, and she got to go on hiking adventures with her foster siblings. Soon, her tail began wagging and her true personality appeared.

About a month after Carla arrived at the rescue, someone adopted her. Thanks to the love of her foster family, she seemed prepared to enter a new home, even though it meant her old family wasn’t coming back. It only took her a few days to warm up to her new human. She quickly learned that she loved running around the yard, cuddling in bed, and accepting tasty treats. This beautiful girl is now living the dream just like she deserves!

Rescue dog in new bed

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World’s Most Adorable Little Octopus Hides From Camera In Plain Sight

World’s Most Adorable Little Octopus Hides From Camera In Plain Sight

Thanks to the Nautilus Exploration Program’s research vessel, the E/V Nautilus, and its remote-operated underwater vehicles, anyone with love for the marine world can catch live streams of their expeditions and the fascinating creatures these glimpses yield. One clip from a spin off the central California coast in the deep water of the Pacific Ocean revealed saltwater paydirt.

Captured together in one scene, a jellyfish, a flatfish, a shark, and a Flapjack Octopus can be seen just going with the current of underwater life. But it’s the little octopus drawing all the attention because it’s just so darn cute!

screenshot, EVNautilus/YouTube

The Cutest Little Cephalopod

Known by the nickname adorabilis because it’s one cute cephalopod, the Flapjack is part of a grouping known as umbrella octopuses for their comparable shape. These umbrellas are also called the “Dumbo” because of their flappy fins that look much like elephant ears. And the Dumbo in this capture from the E/V Nautilus shows us how that name rings true.

screenshot, EVNautilus/YouTube

Zooming in on the little yellow cutie, one of the explorers asked, “Did you know the brain is wrapped around the esophagus?”

This, of course, led to jokes about thinking and eating, but also the revelation these octopuses can’t eat anything too large or “they will explode their brain.”

screenshot, EVNautilus/YouTube

And as the explorer shares that scary bit, tiny Dumbo seems to be reacting to her words, squinching its eyes shut and then wrapping its fat tentacles over its head to hide from such a dreadful fate!

screenshot, EVNautilus/YouTube

Really though, the octopus is reacting to the bright light on the remote vehicle. This little squish is used to darker conditions on the bottom of the ocean floor! But once it realizes some big weird thing is looking, Dumbo throws its arms over its head to hide in plain sight. How incredibly adorable!

screenshot, EVNautilus/YouTube

How Did This Cutie Get Its Name?

And let’s go back to that nickname of adorabilis. How did such a perfect moniker for a creature so, well, adorable come about?

The Monterey Herald explains the name idea came about as a joke when Stephanie Bush, a postdoctoral fellow at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, was tasked with identifying the eight-legged cutie pie.

“I thought that since this animal is so adorable, I should name it adorabilis,” joked Stephanie. “I’m supposed to be this really serious stoic scientist, but I’m still human. It’s just so cute.”

screenshot, EVNautilus/YouTube

And because it’s just so cute, we couldn’t help learning more about the Dumbo, so enjoy these fun facts about the Flapjack Octopus:

  • The Flapjack’s scientific name is Opisthoteuthis californiana.
  • They have a lifespan of 1½ – 2½ years.
  • The Flapjack lives in the deep ocean and loves chilling in soft mud.
  • They’re carnivores who enjoy snacking on worms and small invertebrates.
  • Flapjack and other umbrella octopuses can’t “ink” like other species.
  • The webbing between their tentacles makes umbrella octopuses look like their namesake as they float to the ocean floor.
  • Their reddish pigments help them avoid detection from predators as red colors appear “dark” in the deep sea.

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Feature Image: EVNautilus/YouTube

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BREAKING: Fantastic, Flying, Feces-Picking Fairies Not Fiction After All!

BREAKING: Fantastic, Flying, Feces-Picking Fairies Not Fiction After All!

With all of today’s modern technology, you’d think it would have happened sooner. But capturing a few fluttering fairies was even harder than anyone expected. After all, fairies are known for being extremely elusive. Now, thanks to the best minds in science and engineering joining forces with those who study fairy folklore it’s finally been done. 

And they’re putting the newly captured creatures to excellent use.

Now, flies aren’t the only thing you may catch a glimpse of fluttering around your dog’s droppings. Fairies aren’t only found in folklore anymore, and you may actually be able to spot them circling around some dog poop in your city. 

It doesn’t matter the size of the doggie doo-doo, as the fairies are fully capable of feats of incredible strength. They do have magical powers, after all. Not only can the captured fairies lift large loads, but they are also capable of disposing of the doo-doo discreetly and in an environmentally friendly fashion.  

With a little bit of fairy dust, they’re formulating the dog poop into fertilizer that’s great for your garden. The fairies are then distributing it amongst the “fairy gardens” that are being made to honor them and their hard work, picking up poop. They already have quite the “fairy fanbase” of people who are extremely excited that the fairies are helping protect our planet.

But fairies are also well-known for being sneaky tricksters, and some of them have been dropping doggie bags on the doorsteps of some “poopetrators” who simply refuse to pick up their pup’s poop.

Where Were The Fairies Found?

Even in the modern age, fairy faith has remained especially alive and well in Ireland, Cornwall, Wales, and Scotland. This makes sense, as Celtic influences have played a major part in its prevalence. So, it only seemed natural to search for them there. However, it was in the Scottish Highlands that they were able to make the most captures.

Why Fairies?

Why would they want to capture fairies in the first place? Because it was going to take nothing short of supernatural influence to scoop up all the left-behind land mines. Despite there being copious evidence on the detriment that doggie doo-doo can have on animals and the environment, people still seem hesitant about its removal. And who cares extremely deeply about the earth? Fairies, of course.

Fighting For Fairy Freedom 

But not everyone is extremely enthusiastic about this modern-day development. Some people aren’t pleased with the fact that they have forced fairies to do hard labor. It wasn’t even very long ago that we weren’t even completely convinced of their existence. Now, they’re putting these beautiful beings to work.

The signs have been created and the demands have been made. People are picketing. So perhaps this new practice will be disbanded as quickly as it was created.  

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Ultimate Miniature Pinscher Puppy Shopping List: Checklist of 23 Must-Have Items

Ultimate Miniature Pinscher Puppy Shopping List: Checklist of 23 Must-Have Items

✅ The Complete Miniature Pinscher Puppy Shopping List

Bringing home a new Miniature Pinscher puppy can be an exciting experience, but it’s important to make sure you have everything you need to provide a happy and healthy environment for your furry friend. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist of 23 must-have items for your Miniature Pinscher puppy. From food and water bowls to grooming tools and toys, this list covers all the essentials you’ll need to create a comfortable and enjoyable home for your new four-legged family member. So, let’s get started!


1. Miniature Pinscher Puppy Food

When it comes to choosing a good food for a miniature pinscher puppy, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, the puppy’s age. Puppies in the first few weeks of life will require different nutrition than older puppies. For example, a newborn puppy will need a food that is high in fat and protein, while an older puppy may require a food that is lower in fat and higher in fiber. Many miniature pinscher owners prefer to continue using the same food that the breeder or rescue was using, at least in the beginning. In addition, always speak with your veterinarian about their food recommendation.

To view which puppy foods iHeartDogs recommends, visit our guide here.


2. Food & Water Bowls

When choosing a water and food bowl for a miniature pinscher puppy, it’s important to choose one that is easy to clean and will not harbor bacteria. Plastic bowls are often the most popular choice, as they are inexpensive and can easily be replaced. However, plastic bowls are more likely to harbor germs. Stainless steel and ceramic bowls are a good choice, as they are more durable and do not hold onto odors. It’s important to choose a bowl that is the right size for your miniature pinscher puppy, as too large of a bowl could make it difficult for them to eat and drink from it. Additionally, try to find a bowl with a non-slip bottom, as this will help to keep it from sliding around on the floor when your puppy is eating or drinking. Finally, check for any sharp edges that could hurt your puppy.

We love this puppy bowl from Amazon because it includes a silicone mat to prevent messes.

3. Leash and Collar (or Harness)

You’ll need a quality collar and a leash for your new miniature pinscher pup. Make sure the collar is the right size and comfortable for your pup to wear. Keep in mind they will likely grow out of them quickly, so you may want to buy multiple in different sizes.

For collars, we love these simple and durable embroidered collars. Having your dog’s name and phone number personalized directly on the collar is an extra precaution, as dog ID tags can easily wear out and fall off.


4. Dog Crate

If you plan to crate train your pup, you’ll need a crate. When choosing a crate for your puppy, there are a few things to consider. First, make sure to purchase one that is the appropriate size for your puppy. The crate should be big enough for your puppy to comfortably stand up, turn around, and lay down, but not too big that they have too much extra space. Second, consider the type of crate you purchase. Wire crates are more breathable and typically lighter, but plastic crates create a more enclosed space, which is ideal for puppies that are anxious or crate-trained. Third, think about the features of the crate. Look for crates with removable trays, handles, and locks for safety and convenience. Lastly, consider the price range of the crate. Many pet stores have a variety of crates within different price ranges, so you can choose one that fits your budget.

This is Amazon’s best selling dog crate. It can be adjusted as your puppy grows.

5. Miniature Pinscher Appropriate Toys

When choosing toys for a new puppy, it’s important to find ones that are safe and durable. Look for toys that are made with non-toxic materials, are easily washable, and don’t have small parts that can be chewed off and swallowed. Soft, plush toys are great for cuddling and playing, and durable rubber or plastic toys can help with teething. Choose a variety of toys to keep your puppy entertained and help them learn about the world around them. It’s also a good idea to rotate toys. Periodically add and remove toys from your puppy’s toy box to keep them fresh and exciting. And lastly, always always monitor your puppy while playing to ensure they don’t destroy a toy and it becomes a choking hazard!

Kong brand toys are a great option for their durability and versatility

7. Natural & Safe Puppy Chews

In addition to durable toys, you’ll likely want to invest in some long-lasting natural chews for your miniature pinscher pup. Avoid chews with dangerous or synthetic ingredients like rawhide. Our puppies have always enjoyed the Earth Animal No-Hide chews. They looks and feel like rawhide, but are made from safe, but still long lasting ingredients.


No Hide chews are an excellent and very popular option for puppies

8. Grooming Supplies

If you plan to groom your pup yourself, you’ll need some basic grooming supplies. This includes a brush, shampoo, nail clippers, and anything else you need to groom your pup.

9. Dog Bed

Choosing a good bed for your new miniature pinscher puppy is important. Look for one that is comfortable, supportive, and easily washable. Make sure the bed is large enough for your puppy to grow into, and that the material is durable enough to withstand wear and tear. Choose a bed that is made from a breathable material to help keep your puppy cool and comfortable. Finally, look for a bed that is easy to clean and maintain.

This washable and waterproof bed is currently the most popular puppy bed on Amazon

10. Treats

Choosing good treats for a new puppy can be a daunting task. The first thing to keep in mind is that not all treats are created equal. Some treats contain unhealthy ingredients that can cause health problems for your pup, so it’s important to read labels and understand what goes into the treats you’re purchasing. The next step is to consider the size and type of treat you’re looking for. Smaller treats are better for puppies, as they are easier to digest and can help prevent bloating or an upset stomach. Additionally, you don’t want to give a treat your puppy can’t chew, as this could lead to choking or swallowing a large piece. Training size treats are usually the best option.

These popular Blue Buffalo treats contain DHA, which is beneficial to a developing puppy’s brain.

11. Poop Bags

A good stock of poop bags is absolutely essential. The best deal we’ve found on eco-friendly bags is this 540 box on Amazon. Don’t skimp on quality, as there is nothing worse than putting your hand into a poop bag only to find a hole!

12. First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen, so it’s important to have a pet first aid kit on hand in case of an emergency. This should include items like gauze, bandages, and antiseptic.

This economical first aid kit contains all the basics plus an emergency collar and thermometer.


13. Puppy Probiotics (for the inevitable upset stomach)

Transitioning to a new home can be stressful to your new miniature pinscher pup. This stress often results in an upset stomach, which can make potty training extra difficult. A good quality, multi-strain probiotic can help soothe your dog’s stomach and regulate their bowel movements. We like this 3-in-1 probiotic chew that also includes prebiotics & digestive enzymes.

This tasty 3-in-1 probiotic can help soothe an anxious puppy’s stomach. It also includes digestive enzymes and prebiotics.

14. Puppy Gate or Pen

There will likely be times where you wish to keep your miniature pinscher puppy contained in a smaller area. There are many great puppy gates or pens available for such a need.

15. Puppy Toothbrush

Veterinarians recommend getting your new puppy use to teeth brushing at an early age. They should quickly get use to the idea of someone touching their teeth. We like these small, nearly invisible finger toothbrushes. iHeartDogs knows the importance of dental health for dogs (it could save their life as they age) so they give them away for free (just pay S&H)

These gentle, nearly invisible toothbrushes are available free for new puppy owners here.

16. Urine & Odor Cleaner

Accidents happen! Inevitably, you’re going to need a good quality enzymatic urine cleaner. Our favorite formula is the Rocco and Roxie stain and odor eliminator on Amazon.


17. Puppy Potty Pads

When choosing pee pads for your new puppy it is important to consider the size, absorbency, and material of the pad. You’ll want to make sure the pad is large enough for your puppy to use comfortably and will last throughout the day. It’s also important to consider the absorbency of the pad. Look for a pad that will quickly and effectively absorb liquid and keep your puppy’s paws dry. In addition, you’ll want to make sure the material of the pad is safe for your puppy. Avoid materials that may contain harsh chemicals or irritants that could be harmful to your puppy’s skin. We love these eco-friendly, reusable potty pads on Amazon.

18. ID Tags

One absolute essential for your new pup is an ID tag to clip on their collar. In fact, go ahead and buy a couple, just in case one falls off! Make sure to include their name, and 2 phone numbers where you can be reached if someone finds your pup. Always remember to remove the collar (along with ID tag) if your puppy is left alone, as it can easily become tangled in something and risk serious injury. Here’s a round up of our favorite dog ID tag designs.


19. Seat Belt (for Harness)

If you plan on taking your miniature pinscher with you in the car, a seat belt that connects to their harness is a must! NEVER connect a seat belt to your dog’s collar, as even a small impact will put all the pressure on your dog’s neck.

We like this heavy duty seat belt from Amazon that includes a harness as well. 

20. Calming Puppy Heartbeat Toy (to soothe anxiety)

One of the most popular new items for a miniature pinscher puppy is a calming heartbeat puppy plush toy. This plush mimics the heartbeat of a mother dog. It also includes a one time use heat pack to mimic the warmth as well. Many dog owners find these very useful for crate training or periods of time when the puppy needs to be left alone.

21. Fish Oil (for Brain Development)

Although not absolutely essential, if you were to give your miniature pinscher puppy one supplement, it should be a good quality fish oil. Fish oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) which are critical for early brain development. While some foods contain a bit of fish oil, it’s often a minuscule amount, and doesn’t survive the high heat processing that kibble requires.

We love this Norwegian salmon oil on Amazon. If you compare it side by side next to a typical low quality fish oil, you’ll see (and smell) a huge difference.

22. Brain Games

We all know puppies need to exercise their bodies, but what about their brains? Teaching a dog to use smell to find treats is called “nosework” and its becoming an extremely popular way to engage a bored dog. Remember, a bored puppy is a destructive puppy!

We love this high quality snuffle mat on Amazon. We tried several and there is a big difference in quality of the fabric, many get dirty or teat easily.


23. Miniature Pinscher Puppy Training Course

Last, but certainly not least: don’t forget dog training! Training your miniature pinscher puppy is absolutely critical for their development. Dog training could even save their life in an emergency!

We’re big fans of SpiritDog training, as their online courses have excellent, easy to understand videos. They also allow you to ask unlimited questions to their trainers.

Here’s our top recommendations for miniature pinscher puppy training courses:

They also have training bundles that are a much better value, since they contain multiple courses in one:


By having these items on hand, you’ll be well-prepared for your new miniature pinscher pup. While it might seem like a lot to buy, these items are essential for providing your pup with the care and attention they need. With the right supplies, you can give your pup the best start to their life.


Frequently Asked Questions by New Miniature Pinscher Puppy Owners

1. What is the best way to potty train my Miniature Pinscher puppy?

Potty training a Miniature Pinscher puppy can be a bit challenging as they are known to be stubborn at times. However, consistency and positive reinforcement are key to successfully potty training your puppy. Start by creating a designated potty area outside and taking your puppy to this spot every time they need to go. Praise and reward your puppy every time they successfully go outside, and avoid punishing them for accidents indoors. Also, establish a regular feeding and potty schedule to help your puppy develop a routine.

2. How much exercise does my Miniature Pinscher puppy need?

Miniature Pinschers are an active breed and require daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. However, because they are small dogs, their exercise needs are not as high as larger breeds. A daily walk and some playtime in the yard or indoors should be sufficient for most Miniature Pinscher puppies. It’s important to avoid over-exercising your puppy, especially during hot weather, as they are prone to heat exhaustion due to their small size.

3. What should I feed my Miniature Pinscher puppy?

A high-quality puppy food that is specifically formulated for small breeds is ideal for your Miniature Pinscher puppy. Look for a food that contains a balanced ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, and avoid foods that contain fillers or artificial preservatives. You can also add some fresh vegetables and fruits to your puppy’s diet as a source of additional nutrients. It’s important to feed your puppy according to the recommended feeding guidelines based on their age and weight, and to avoid overfeeding as Miniature Pinschers are prone to obesity.

4. How can I socialize my Miniature Pinscher puppy?

Socialization is an important part of raising a well-behaved and happy Miniature Pinscher puppy. Start by introducing your puppy to a variety of people, animals, and environments at a young age. Take them on walks in different areas, bring them to a puppy socialization class, and invite friends and family over to interact with your puppy. It’s important to monitor your puppy’s interactions and provide positive reinforcement for good behavior. Socialization should be an ongoing process throughout your puppy’s life to help them become a confident and well-adjusted adult dog.

In summary, potty training, exercise, nutrition, and socialization are important factors to consider when raising a Miniature Pinscher puppy. With patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement, you can successfully train and care for your furry friend.

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Lady Calls Domestic Abuse Hotline When Partner Threatens Her “I’m Sorry” Puppy

Lady Calls Domestic Abuse Hotline When Partner Threatens Her “I’m Sorry” Puppy

Khristina was volunteering at a domestic abuse shelter when she got a call from a woman who was desperate for help. Her abusive partner bought two puppies as an “I’m sorry” gift for his behavior. He then threatened to harm the dogs during one of his tirades. The woman wanted the puppies to be rehomed immediately in order to protect them.


Coincidentally, Khristina had been looking to adopt a dog for several months and asked if they could meet in person. The night before, Khristina had a vivid dream where she and a dog spent their lives together. The next day, when Khristina met Luna, the puppy jumped right into her arms. It was then they became “two halves of the same soul.”


Luna is a beautiful girl with a giant puppy heart. She can sense when her mom is in distress. Even if Khristina gasps during a movie, Luna is right there to give her kisses. She’s also deeply bonded to Khristina’s son as well as their other farm animals. She is the first one to greet them, sit beside them, and talk to them. You have to see Luna with her animal buddies. It’s too precious for words!


Khristina says Luna is “the most loving, protective, and loyal friend.” We are so grateful that Luna’s first owner got the help she and Luna needed. To see one of our favorite stories to date, watch the video below!

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